Day trips (Winter)

Want to hunt the really big pikes from the ice? Welcome to book a winter day trip with a fishing guide. The guide has experience of ice based fishing and the winter methods used to catch big fishes. 

The guide joins you on the trip, coaching and helping with professional advice. He also suggests a good fishing area. Depending on the fishing, the contents on this package may vary, and together we decide a suitable plan for the day. 

Duration:  The day trip takes approx. 8 hours or when the sun is up :-)

Location: A select a suitable lake in the region of Östergötland in southern Sweden. We know of several lakes where we have a extensive knowledge and experience of the fishing conditions. 

: The trip has a minimum of two (2) persons. Any number of people can join if you are a larger group. If this is the case, contact us for more information. 

Food: Decided case by case to suit your preferences.

Equipment: The guide provides roads, gear and ice drills. If you have your own ice fishing gear, you may bring it, otherwise its included. Depending on the ice fishing method selected, bait type varies. Usually we use natural baits, like roach, which is always provided by the guide. 
Remember to bring extra warm clothes and water proof shoes / boots.

Fishing permit: The fishing guide provides information on where to buy the needed licenses and permits to fish in the area. Permits are personal and not included, they are bought by guests before the fishing trip. However, the good news is that fishing Swedish permit are usually very inexpensive.

Pricing: The Price varies depending on number of participants and what's included in the trip, but is normally in the range of 2000-10000 SEK. Contact us by email for a price.

For more information or other questions, go to the booking page or contact us.

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